What I stand on
van Zwieten was asked to make a work reflecting on one of the themes from the coalition agreement 'good life within the limits of the earth'. This addresses Amersfoort's plans to deal with the climate crisis, emphasizing the need for self-change to limit global warming. This involves altering perspectives, decision-making processes, and behaviors. 
Van Zwieten, a painter raised in Amersfoort and currently residing and working in Utrecht, approaches her work intuitively and associatively. Her paintings often begin with quick sketches on the canvas, evolving into new forms and drawings. Although her work appears highly abstract, it consistently incorporates recognizable, everyday elements.
For her, a painting serves as a gathering place for encounters, collisions, and interventions, both emotionally and in terms of form. Her daily life forms the foundation, simple events as well as socio-political developments. Themes from the coalition agreement, such as sustainability, animal welfare, and greening, have frequently played a role in Van Zwieten's work.
The title of the piece she created for the city hall, 'What I stand on,' draws inspiration from a banner she encountered during her participation in a climate march: 'What I stand on is what I stand for.' While the artworks don't explicitly reference political stances, Van Zwieten aims to tell a story rooted in the core of sustainability and our collective responsibility for the environment.

tekst by Rianne Groen. 

Photocredit: Robin Meyer
Year: 2023

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