Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam 2021
In the series of paintings presented by Anouk van Zwieten at Prospects & Concepts, she continues her exploration of the repetition and magnification of details. The abstracted motif of a mountain that frequently appeared in her paintings last year seems to be replaced here by the concept of space. From the mountain, changing perspectives in the landscape of abstraction are discovered. Van Zwieten connects her work to the context of time and the societal debate. Besides implicitly warning against a too one-sided view, her recent works also seem to advocate for optimism.
 "Couldn't it be nice," 2021, is the title of a work by Van Zwieten that is more than life-size. Large, brightly colored circles float in an abstract 'field' of pinkish-red with a serrated black area. It is a cheerful image with a dark edge, a sweet counterbalance to the dark times of the pandemic.

Photocredit: Beeldsmits

Year: 2021