Drifting and Dreaming, groupshow at gallery tegenboschvanvreden
A characteristic of the present is that it holds a certain potential: the present is always a bit more and a bit different than an isolated moment in history. 'Drifting and Dreaming' brings together the work of five young artists. Manifest in that work is a shifting, fluid, unfinished quality, which is full of potency. It shows that both past and present are, by definition, in a continual state of transformation as they reinvent themselves and each other time and again. What the works of these five artists have in common is their lack of a programmatic approach. 
Each works in a specific medium without feeling the need to question that medium in a critical manner, being open-mind about the past and the future. Be it sculpture, painting or performance: they play with and in the chosen medium. In the individual stances that arise, the main focus is a contemplation of possibilities: Drifting and Dreaming.
Participating  artists:
Inez De Brauw, Ricardo van Eyk, Claudia Martinez, Lorena Solis Bravo, Anouk van Zwieten

Year: 2018