All the best.
For her first solo presentation in the gallery, Van Zwieten created a series of interrelated works in terms of theme and mood, entitled All the best. The exhibition title is also the title of one of the paintings: a human-sized canvas featuring a large, white, rectangular field in the top half. This field is reminiscent of a screen and appears to block a large portion of the image. Just below it, a drawing of dark-colored rounded and – further down the canvas – horizontal color bands seeps through. These bands sometimes blend into one another or, in turn, direct the gaze toward a green and a purple color field. In the left top corner of the paining, a tiny whiff of light blue just about enters the image. The lower portion of the paining features large, white teardrop shapes, seemingly in suspension while slowly falling down.

The origins of All the best are personal in nature, and her state of mind left traces in the paint that have become detached from this personal process – something that nearly always happens in her work. While at work she reaches a point where the work takes an unexpected turn, causing new ideas to spring forth from there. Van Zwieten started All the best with an idea about color combinations. First she created a background painting in light blue textile dye. Then red was added, and eventually she arrived at the purple and green portions hidden in the depth of the canvas. Those two colors went on to play a structural role in the series. Here, their gravity lends them a nearly symbolic appearance.

Year: 2022, tekst by Pietje Tegenbosch