Solo install, PADA Studio’s, photo by photodocumenta

Oh, no. 190x130cm, textile paint black gesso and acrylics, photo by photodocumenta

Mrs., 70x50cm, textile paint, acrylics on canvas

Heads, 183x122x3cm, textile paint, ink and acrylics on canvas


Blast, 35x30cm, textile paint and acrylics on canvas

Kite (mountain series), 35x30cm

View, 30x24x2cm


Landscape (Mountain series), 35x30cm

Solo install, PADA Studio’s, photo by photodocumenta

Exit (mountain series), 35x30cm

Couldn’t it be nice, 190x140cm

Smile, 50x45cm


Blue (Mountain series), 35x30cm

Swan, 50x45cm, acryl and oil on canvas

Zonder titel, 50x60cm, Textile paint, acrylics on canvas

Yellow, 35x30cm, acrylic on canvas

Flying kites, 190x130cm, textile paint acrylics and pastels on canvas

Pink (Mountain series), 35x30cm

Cloud, 55x40x2cm, textile paint acrylic and gesso on canvas

Paradise (Mountain series), 35x30cm

Curtain,35x30cm, acrylics on canvas

La Baguette, 50x45x2cm

Landscape #2, 35x30cm

Nights, 30x24cm

L.S (mountain series), 35x30cm


Sweets, 30x24cm

Ruins, 35xx30cm

Sad, 55x40cm

Signs, 35x30cm

Cave, 35x30cm

Cave, 35x30cm, acrylics on canvas

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