Anouk van Zwieten (1991) Born in Amsterdam, lives and works in Utrecht.

My paintings are the material reflections of events that I observe and experience in daily life.  In transition, forms appear on  canvas and new forms are generated through rapid personal associations and interpretations. 
Beneath every layer exists another painting, like the unconscious; not immediately visible but always present, and at moments, hidden images, feelings or experiences arise to the surface.

Despite an apparent randomness, elements such as cigarettes, dead fish or industrial areas, regularly return in my work. With these fragmented traces I explore the borders of reality in daily life. I want to link reality as if it were a crime scene to my gestures as a painter, not to be recognized as specific brushstrokes or as the objects’ image itself but merely as a feeling on canvas, which can be considered and judged by the audience.  


2018 Sanquin, Galerie Joghem, Amsterdam (duo)  
2018 Patty Morgan, zomerwinkel, Amsterdam (group)
2018 Drifting and Dreaming, galerie tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam (group)
2018 ART Rotterdam, tegenboschvanvreden, van Nelle fabriek Rotterdam 
2017 Friends with benefits, WATCHAMACALLIT, Utrecht (group)
2017 Royal Prize of Painting, Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam (group)
2017 Non textual matter, duo show, KERS gallery, Amsterdam (duo)
2017 Artspotting 2017, Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (group)
2017 Best of Graduates, Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (group)

2017 Graduation show, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht (group)
2017 Teamteaching #2, Breakfast, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht
2016 Teamteaching #1, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht

2018 Nominee Buning Brongers prijzen
2018 Nominee Hart Nibbrig Atelier prijs 

2017 Nominee Royal Prize of Painting 2017
2017 Nominee Jan Zumbrink Prijs 2017, graduation award Fine Art HKU
2017 Nominee Dooyewaard stipendium 2017-18

2018 LAB Kalkhorst residency, Kalkhorst Germany
2013-2017 Bachelor of Fine Art (with honours), HKU Utrecht  

Selected collections
Sanquin Kunstcollectie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
De Nederlandsche Bank collectie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Albert Heijn Kunststichting, Zaandam, The Netherlands

2017 Royal Award for Modern Painting Catalog, 2017
2017 Ron Mandos young blood award jury rapport
2017 Het Parool
2017 Mister Motley
2017 NRC